Thursday, February 5, 2009

Education vs Training: Using Twitter as a Research Tool

by Gary Woodill on February 5, 2009

I’ve increased my activity level on Twitter over the past month, and I am beginning to see its potential beyond documenting the trivial. As a test, I asked my “followers” to tell me the differerence between “education” and “training”. I received about 40 responses, many of them unique. After you read them, please add your thoughts by adding a comment.

MtnLaurel @gwoodill education=how to think. Training=how to do.

glassbeed @gwoodill education is wider in scope. Ed= global understanding and helping a compassionate citizenry to emerge. Training = job skills.

amcunningham @gwoodill the nature of the assessment? if competency based it is training. successful education is harder to assess.

AsraiLight @gwoodill To me, an education is instruction in how things have been done in the past, so you can be creative with solutions in the future.

AsraiLight @gwoodill Training is a set of expectations and proven processes to meet them. Depending on the training, deviation isn’t always encouraged.

hjarche @gwoodill Here are some of my posts on training vs education:,,  

AlwaysBreaking @gwoodill training focuses on specific tangible outcomes, often overt behaviors or skills. Ed is more about “knowing” and the “whys”

AlexDawson @gwoodill I still equate ‘training’ with skills development – more instructive, more directive. Education is such a broader expression.

KoreenOlbrish @gwoodill education=knowledge-focused without a stated “goal,” training=knowledge/skill-focused with the goal of doing *something* better

lindacq @gwoodill IMHO (& with my few english) training imply a process to go from A to A’ in any skill education include a more complex mix

lindacq @gwoodill (coma before education :-) ) a mix which include values and a moral, etich and social conception inside, implies the wish to become

lindacq @gwoodill better… also from the ethic perspective. Training is about skills, Education is this BUT is more, is about better people

jwillensky @gwoodill In <140? Outcomes: education– gaining knowledge; training– performing actions.

lindacq @gwoodill BUT this is a Fast-thought (Bourdier’s way) this could be a nice discussion

JaneBozarth @gwoodill training/education: Old adage: “Do you want your 14 year old daughter to attend a sex EDUCATION class, or a sex TRAINING class?”

iOPT @gwoodill This is in business terms: Training: learning related to the present job. Education: learning for a different but identified job.

iOPT @gwoodill This goes with the other two terms. Development: learning for growth of the individual but not related to a specific or future job

mathplourde @gwoodill Re. Educ vs. Training. I see education as a personal process, where an individual increases his intellectual capital.

mathplourde @gwoodill … and training as something to polish a current skill, something presented to a trainee, that comes from a higher power.

jamesbt @gwoodill Re: education & training – In Jhpiego’s world, education happens before (pre-service), training happens during (in-service).

hoever @gwoodill: spontaneous answer: training is the process of bringing a person to proficiency by practice;

hoever @gwoodill … education is a further step aiming at a reflective application of knowledge or competencies

skukolja @gwoodill Training = acquisition and development of skills Education = acquisition of knowledge, attitudes & skills

LindyLou08 @gwoodill In my mind education involves critical thinking and training equates immediate practical application. Just me though.

oline73 @gwoodill training is for a specific, proximate target- education is for broader, more distant targets. How’s that?

eduinnovation @gwoodill asks, “What is the difference between education and training?” Good question.

demetri @gwoodill Training changes one’s habits. Education changes one’s mind. I think it’s @AngelaMaiers who coined the term “habitude”

gdeeds @gwoodill education vs. training: Hmm.., perhaps ed is extended

StonyRiver @gwoodill – Education is politically motivated – training is industry motivated -now Knowledge, Epistemology and Wisdom are Truly different!

joro6430 @gwoodill – educated people understand the limits of their practices and can abandon them; not so easy for the well trained.

girtbysea @gwoodill training=skills, education=thinking

jnxyz @gwoodill training=skills, short-term focus. education=long-term, big-picture

sojbanks @gwoodill Great question, I think education is learning to think, training is learning to do a task.

borborigmus @gwoodill Training = developing skills; education = developing the mind ?

grahamwhisen @gwoodill First thought: training is for animals and children.

FrznGuru @gwoodill Education is ALL experiences in which people learn. Many are unplanned, incidental, and informal.

FrznGuru @gwoodill Training is instructional experiences that are focused on individuals acquiring very specific skills that they will normally

FrznGuru @gwoodill apply almost immediately. All training is included in education.

pat_leonard @gwoodill I think “education” is preparation and “training” is application

leohavemann @gwoodill I would say although there is a blurring of the line, whereas the focus of training is gaining skills, education unlocks potential

techherding @gwoodill Training is what you do to puppies

Darcy1968 @gwoodill education is a river; training a boat

EmmaHamer @gwoodill Here’s another: education teaches how to ask the right questions; training teaches how to give the right answers

bbetts @gwoodill I’d suggest that training is the “tools” and education is the application of said tools. Education allows for better use of the tools

FrznGuru @gwoodill Pic frm book ‘Instructional Design’ by Smith & Ragan (2005) illustrates difference btwn education & training

4KM Training about how?; education includes why? and what if? and where do I fit?

4KM Training suited to environments with linear cause & effect; education suited to complex environments.

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