July 2010

Shift Happens

by Gary Woodill on July 28, 2010

This website represents a shift in my practice as a consultant and analyst for emerging information technologies. The shift includes a move to independent status for me, with several interesting clients. My largest account is Brandon Hall Research, where I continue to work as a senior analyst. But I have several other projects on the go, including:

Author - I’ve just completed my second book project in less than a year, both published by McGraw-Hill. The first book, Training and Collaboration with Virtual Worlds was co-authored with my friend Alex Heiphetz, who continues to develop virtual world sites for major corporate clients. My newest book, The Mobile Learning Edge, was mostly my writing, but colleagues David Fell and Sheryl Herle each contributed a chapter. It will be available in mid-September. Click on the images of the books in the next column for more information.

Researcher – I am currently working on a project on the world-wide treatment of depression, in order to map all the teams that are working on this important problem, and to categorize their approaches to treatment. Information and suggestions are welcome. I have also been using my web research skills to locate missing persons for others who are looking for long lost relatives. So far, I have found 3 people who have not been heard from since the 1960s.

Technology Futurist – I have just finished a major report on future trends in high definition videoconferencing for a Canadian client. I realized that the future of any technology has, in a sense, “already happened” in that it takes 5 to 10 years for a technology to go from invention to commercialization and widespread adoption. By digging deep, and understanding where to look for new innovations, one can discover technologies that exist today but are hidden, that may be prominent tomorrow. Having written many reports on emerging learning technologies for Brandon Hall Research, I am looking forward to more projects in this area.

I continue to monitor innovation in the learning and development industry, and post daily to the Workplace Learning Today blog. I will be updating this site regularly, along with the support website for my mobile learning book. I hope to do a number of presentations at conferences and online in the coming year, and look forward to working with old friends and new clients.

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